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TRIPLET growing Superwoman!

November 09, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I am 100% obsessed with pregnancy and babies! Multiple babies are my favourite!

When my Partner came home one day and told me that he had a client in for a pregnancy massage and she had 3 BABIES in her belly, I freaked! I begged him to ask this super human growing wonder woman if I could contact her about a Photo shoot. ASAP!

Much to elation she obliged and her name was Leo. A super cool name too.

I like to theme my shoots to be meaningful and bespoke to each client. Leo lives at the bottom of Faringdon Folly and loves to unwind and walk there with her Husband. We felt this was the perfect place to shoot as we wanted somewhere out in amongst nature, we wanted the shoot to be laid back but to give off powerful vibe. The Folly, in my opinion has a tremendous sense of power. When you are up there you feel like Queen of the world, looking out over spectacular views of Oxfordshire, Wiltshire & Gloucestershire.

In my opinion there is nothing more powerful and beautiful than a woman in the full bloom of pregnancy. Growing a human being is the most amazing accomplishment, EVER. The very pinnacle of femininity and this woman had that x3!

We did a recce up there together a week before the shoot with my faithful companion Juno (my Golden Retriever) and chatted over the amazing story behind her pregnancy. This lady was on the cusp of giving up on her quest for Motherhood, her and her Husband were just about to jet off to across the world on a sabbatical when the powers above decided to intervene and give them 3 miracles all at once instead. Jet setting was now out of the question.

Leo is a non-identical twin (this itself fascinates me), so obviously possesses this amazing genetic gift to have twins herself. It seems this must have happened PLUS one of those embryos split also making her pregnant with IDENTICLE twins boys and a non identical baby girl too. Amazing!

We used 3 balloons to represent these babies, Blue, Green and Pink. It was very windy and cloudy which added to the drama of the shots so we were able to get some cracking moody skies and Super woman style 'cape' flowing.

Leo was 29 weeks pregnant on this shoot but easily the size of a single full term pregnancy. She was wonderful. She insisted on trying lots of rather daring poses such as climbing onto half fallen trees. I was very nervous, but she insisted. She seems like one determined lady who I'm sure is usually EVEN MORE adventurous and active when not harvesting a whole family inside her body.

I was full of questions, curious to know how prepared she was for this looming litter of babies. Leo kindly invited me into her home to see a few of her preparations including a 2 tier triple pram. I like prams, maybe I'm weird but I found this fascinating

I left with an incredible excited feeling for this lady I hardly knew. Having experienced the wondrous whirlwind of a newborn baby myself 3 years ago I could hardly comprehend what 3 at once would feel like but one thing I was sure of is that if anyone could ace it, it would be this Super Woman.

I cannot WAIT to shoot the babies soon!









Mortonson-Kiss wedding

August 31, 2015  •  Leave a Comment



Brides don't come as laid back and fun as this one! Faye is a real fire cracker, the kinda girl you instantly feel like you want to hang out with... probably for a Gin... or 10!

 She has a cracking smile and didn't seem at all phased by the camera which was just wonderful for me. She is confident and chilled out at the same time, a combination you don't get often. 

Everything went smoothly! There was no morning panic, no hiccups, no strict 'to do' lists. Even when the transport NEARLY didn't turn up Faye didn't even bat an eyelid (I was secretly panicking for her!)

We all travelled from Oxford Four Pillars to the town hall by Rickshaw Bicycles, I had my very own and 'Dexter' (the name of my bike) kindly overtook and slowed down to let me take a few (very bumpy) photos Faye and her Dad Phil.

The ornate Town Hall ceremony was short and sweet, with a real warm, personal feel. Perfect for Andy the Groom and his Hungarian family. I felt very proud of our beautiful City of Oxford that day and hoped that Andy's parents returned home as impressed as I always am at the sight of our stunning Spires and cobbled streets.

The days running up to the big day had been constant RAAAAAIN, typical for late August in the UK, but the sun shone with all its might for Mrs & Mrs Mortonson-Kiss (What a cool name!)

Afterwards we had photos in an Oxford University garden and the sunshine, flowers and tourists were all out in full swing, it was quite magnificent!



Ruby's 1st Birthday cake smash

March 03, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Yesterday I got to work with the lovely Ruby Langfrey who is celebrating her 1st birthday this coming weekend. The photos will be used to remember the milestone date and decorate the birthday party.

I was testing out my brand new studio space in Wantage and it worked perfectly. Heaters to keep baby lovely and warm, lots of space for toys, props, baskets, millions of fluffy blankets for all the cute newborns I shoot. Just perfect!

I teamed up with the very generous and talented Jen's custom iced cakes of Faringdon https://www.facebook.com/jennifer.ridley.9041?fref=ts for a beautiful bold birthday cake for Ruby to (sadly) smash the heck out of. The cake was very tasty too, half way through the shoot Mum Georgia, Dad Tommy & I all managed to grab a sneaky taste of a piece deep inside the cake that had not been jabbed by chubby baby hands and feet.

OOOOh I just love a shirtless baby covered in cake! Too cute!

Photos to follow after the birthday embargo.

Vets4Pets Companion Care Conference

February 23, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

 Yesterday I drove 1.5 hours to photograph a Vets conference. I love how this job take me to such different places and to meet all sorts of people.

I spent 12 hours photographing talks, stalls, awards etc and was treated like a Queen. The events organiser Anna-Marie Wilby made sure poor pregnant me had a nice little packed lunch & I was treated to a 3 COURSE DINNER with the other guests, i felt very honoured and the lovely 'fuel' meant I could keep on snapping away tons of images (A long edit awaits me now).

The best part of the night for me was finally meeting an actual ANIMAL! A gorgeous Golden Labrador called E.J who melted my heart! A lovely chap from Hounds for Heroes (www.houndsforheroes.com) called Allen Parton told us his emotional stories of recovery and how EJ helped him. These dogs can pull you into recovery positions, call for help, save you from drowning and even know how to use your Oyster card on the Tube! They were there to get sponsorship for other dogs to support wounded servicemen/women. If you are an animal lover check out the work they do and donate, its quite amazing.

I also met the rather charming Adam Henson famous from Countryfile. 

Here's a few pics...


Kerry & Mark's wedding day- 13th July 2013

July 21, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

The many tears of the Maskell wedding Wow! This was a wedding I will never forget, mainly because I have no more tears left for a whole year! These guys had been though a lot & their heart felt stories made for the best wedding speeches I have ever heard.

Both families were very welcoming, down-to-earth and most of all ROCK SOLID. Now they have joined these two families together surely these guys are now invincible!!!

Kerry & Mark met out in Turkey whilst they were both working abroad so their day had a travel theme! (I loved this!) The cake was a particular highlight.

At 6 foot-something-enormous, Mark is the big "gentle giant" type. I learnt that he was working as a children's activities guy when they first met (aaaawwww), this along with his big cheeky grin and his many tears throughout the wedding made him instantly lovable. It was clear that he idolised Kerry and he was not afraid to show it. I know everyone says this about couples on their wedding day but they really did seem quite perfect together.

The wedding day was 33 degrees Celsius but despite the sweltering heat Kerry was as cool as a cucumber all day. (Maybe this was down to her awesome planning!!!?) Even when Kerry's uncle, who had recently had heart surgery collapsed in the middle of the church service and had to be taken off in an ambulance these guys seemed to take it all in their stride! Nothing could ruin their special day.

During the church ordeal Mark ripped off his suit jacket and quite literally dived over the church pews to assist Uncle Roger. Part of me wishes I had some photos now I know he is ok but to be honest it was the last thing on my mind at the time. Thankfully Uncle Roger returned to the venue for the evening reception after he was discharged from hospital and was treated like a superstar! I couldn't help but admire the guy especially as he carried on as second photographer into the evening.

 Yet another happy ending to a great day.

Thank you to the Maskell's, Edwards's and others for a great day. I hope my pictures bring you years of fond memories.



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